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fabric wall decals for children fabric wall decals mini mae fabric decals wrapping paper Organic Bedding Christmas 2012
How are your decals different to the vinyl decals I’ve seen?
Our decals are made out of fabric and with that comes lots of positives. The fabric is a polyester weave with a water based adhesive which means they have no pvc’s, are bio degradable and are non toxic. The advanced water based adhesive allows them to be re-used over and over again so no need to throw them out when your little one pulls them off the wall... just re-apply them. The adhesive has other advantages... it is guaranteed to not harm your walls. So no more embarrassing and annoying moments with repairs to walls! Woo hoo.

How do I apply my decals?

We recommend that you clean your walls before you apply them. And then it is a simple case of peel and stick. It’s that easy. Because they are re-usable you can move them around until you get them exactly how you want them. How lovely!
If you are moving or wishing to hand them down to someone else, just place them back on their backing sheet and re-use at a later date. (If the backing sheet has gone missing over time, glossy baking paper will also work).
Will your fabric decals damage my walls?
Definitely not! They will not harm any surface. We do however hope you are mindful when it comes to fresh paint. You really need to make sure the paint is completely dry, we would recommend giving it 2 weeks until you stick decals on it. The only other surface to be wary of is gloss paint that has not been applied properly or old paint on vintage items that has the potential to peel.

What surfaces do they stick on?

Our decals stick on almost any surface.... tongue and groove, VJ, timber, glass, cement rendered, brick and all your other standard surfaces such as plasterboard etc. If unsure feel free to check with us first.

Where can I buy mae decals?

Check the 'stockist' page for one of our lovely stockist, or
check out out online shopping cart for your region.