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Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers

Melamine dinnerware, of the highest quality. Our melamine pieces are truly beautiful, with a smooth matte exterior and glossy interior.

- 100% melamine
- Non toxic & BPA free
- Dishwasher safe up to 55°C

Love Mae Melamine
Eat like a bird Dinnerset swallows
eat like a bird dinner set
$59.95 AUD
well-fed dinner set
$59.95 AUD
sweet nothings message tiles
flying birds 9" deep plate
$16.95 AUD
kitty cat 9"deep plate
$16.95 AUD
home sweet home rain clouds
bowl of flowers 6.5" bowl
$15.95 AUD
bunting 5" bowl
$12.95 AUD
home sweet home Dinosaur Dinner Set
flower bed tumbler
$11.95 AUD
dinosaur dinner set
$59.95 AUD
Dinosaur plate9" Tiles Bowl 6.5"
dinosaur 9" deep plate
$16.95 AUD
tiles 6.5" bowl
$15.95 AUD
Checkers Bowl Crosses Tumbler
checkers 5" bowl
$12.95 AUD
crosses tumbler
$11.95 AUD