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“Love Mae really do produce the be-all and end-all of wall stickers!”

“...possibly the most stylish decals on the market” -

“They’re beautiful - even more so in person! I’m so excited I can’t wait to put them up” - Ellie Santangelo, USA

“I told my husband this was for our little one. She is 12 months old. Really, I wanted it for myself.” - Cecilia Chan, USA

“THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, LOVE, LOVE!” - Jessica Liljegren, USA

“Beautiful item and very high quality. LOVE them.” - Mary Foreman, USA

“Gorgeous, gorgeous stickers! So pretty and fun to use :)” - Elisa Tan, Australia

“The decals are beautiful, and the gals at Love Mae were fabulous to work with. They obviously care about making their customers happy.” - Erin Wing, USA

“Absolutely, positively the most ADORABLE decor item I have ever seen. So worth the price, or I wouldn’t be a repeat customer. I couldn’t recommend these more highly.” - Julie Stevens, USA